Wear Your Words: the truth behind the collection

Insecurities. Self-doubt. Lack of confidence. I’ve struggled with these concepts all my life, especially in my teens. That feeling of awkwardness, of being too tall, being too skinny, too eclectic, not white enough, not Māori enough, those harrowing thoughts of not having the approval of my peers, and simply, ME not accepting, loving or celebrating… me.

These are very real, very debilitating burdens.

And now, I have two daughters who struggle with similar, if not the same, insecurities and of course, they look to me for a role-model, an example on how to deal with the internal battle, how to be more comfortable in their own skin.

These statements were created with this in mind - a reminder of how strong, how powerful we truly are, to be less interested in the perceptions others may have about you and to be more involved in your own growth and placement, to be unapologetically you, staying true to you, never faking or second guessing who you are.